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A Return to Blogging

It’s been years since I’ve blogged regularly.  I’ve had various incarnations, most of which were everything & nothing blogs with little focus.  As you can imagine, this version will be related to my artistic work and art in general.

My girlfriend maintains a tumblr blog of our work and I’ll probably be cross-posting some of these entries over there.  Still, if you follow me here, and you’re tumblr user, too, it would be worth it to follow us in the tumblrsphere, as well.  She writes about our photo adventures, posts work by each of us, and has begun documenting the ever-growing collection of usable film cameras we pick up at antique and junque shops.

Be sure to spin through my portfolio…  it’s pretty extensive at this point, and the primary point of this website, generally speaking.  Going forward I’ll highlight new work as it’s added, and maybe even provide some some discussion and commentary about pieces that warrant it.

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